• Anchor Erosion Control Blanket - For slope stabilization on: Highway & motorway embankments/ Drain Channels/ Sloped areas on residential, commercial and sports ground developments

  • Fasten Down Seed Germination & Frost Blankets - Used in: Residential & commercial landscaping/ Construction/ Grounds maintenance in Public Parks & Recreational Areas/ Home gardens
  • Secure Weed Control Fabric & Ground Covers - Used in: Residential & commercial landscaping/ Grounds maintenance in Public Parks & Recreational Areas/ Home gardens/ New forestry planting/ Professional Growing/ Home gardens
  • Pin Down Turfgrass & Sod - Used in: Sports-grounds: golf courses, football and baseball grounds / Residential & commercial landscaping/ Public Parks & Recreational Areas/ Schools & Colleges/ Airport Medians.
  • Hold down Netting & Meshes - Used by: Professional Growers/ Home gardeners/ Landscapers

Pinning down erosion control blanket


  • 100% Biodegradable - GreenStakes™ completely disappear - They are environmentally friendly and minimize the risk of injury to people, animals and machinery caused by metal pins which remain in the ground forever.
  • Reduced Risk of Injury - Reduce risk of injury to the public, employees and animals caused by metal pins remaining in the ground or metal pins becoming a dangerous projectile if caught in machinery
  • Reduced Equipment Damage - Reduce risk of damage to equipment, such as mower blades, tires, etc., caused by metal fasteners remaining in the ground.
  • Lower Cost .vs. Metal Pins - GreenStakes™ reduce projects costs over using metal staples:

    i) No more return visits to site to remove metal pins

    ii) Reduced risk and cost of potential injury claims

    iii) Reduced risk and cost of equipment damage

    iv) No environmental damage

  • Functional Benefits

i) More anchoring force than metal staples due to hooked head and barbs on shaft - Independent Tests Show.

ii) 100% biodegradable. Breakdown caused by naturally occurring micro-organisms in the ground. Will disappear in 8 - 24 months leaving no residuals.

iii) GreenStake™ has no impact on the environment unlike metal spikes which rust, and "degradable" plastic stakes which leave plastic residues. Note: Degradable stakes are made with +90% petro-chemical based plastics, such as polypropylene, will never disappear completely and do not comply with ASTM Standard D6400 for biodegradation.

iv) GreenStakes™ will store until used if kept in their packaging in a dry environment.




  • Biodegradation Standards -

    GreenStakes™ conform to US Biodegradability Standard ASTM D6400.

  • MSDS, installation patterns and product specifications are available upon request.

  • Sizes and Packaging -

    GreenStakes™ available in 3 sizes: 6" (15cm), 4" (10cm) and 2" (5cm).

    Available in cases of 250, 500 and 1,000 stakes.

    Available in pack sizes for the retail market.